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Minimum wage and median wage set to increase

Minimum wage and median wage set to increase

Written by:
Melissa Johnston

Minimum Wage

From 1 April the adult minimum wage will increase from $21.20 per hour to $22.70 per hour, an increase of $1.50 per hour.  This is an increase of7%.

The training and starting out minimum wage will also increase. This will increase from $16.96 per hour to $18.16 per hour.

The Government will review the minimum wage rate again later this year.

Median Wage

From 27 February 2023, the new median wage of $29.66 per hour will apply in all Job Check and Accredited Employer Work Visa applications(unless the role appears on the exemption list). This means any applications for Accredited Employer Work Visas or Job Checks, lodged on or after this date will need to offer employment at this rate or higher.

It is also important to note that even if your job check is approved at the current median wage of $27.76 per hour, if your new employee only submits their application for an Accredited Employer Work visa application on or after 27 February 2023, they will need to be paid at the new median wage.

The median wage increase will also impact other categories such as the Green List and Highly Paid pathways for residence, as well as the Skilled Migrant and Parent Categories.

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Written by Melissa Johnston and Ramya Sathiyanathan

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