Disruptive Innovation

Medicinal Cannabis - Sponsorship and Advertising

Individuals or entities who are involved or are interested in getting involved in the medicinal cannabis industry may wish to use advertising or sponsorship to increase brand recognition. An entity may also wish to advertise its products. There are currently no specific guidelines on advertising and sponsorship of medicinal cannabis. Sponsorship and advertising may, therefore, depend on compliance with the Medicines Act 1981 and whether the company supplies products which have been approved under that regime.
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Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand – An Overview for Getting Started

Medicinal cannabis is a relatively new market and there are ways for you to get involved in the different elements of manufacturing medicinal cannabis products. The first thing that needs to be done is to apply for a Medicinal Cannabis Licence which is issued by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency. This is a lengthy process and requires the applicant to have given their project consideration in certain areas.
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