Few things can go pear shaped as quickly as a business disagreement. Talk to McVeagh Fleming about making sure you are protected before things go wrong – and for advice on the best strategy if things do go wrong.

Business, Lease and Contracts Disputes Lawyers

The litigation team at McVeagh Fleming has vast experience and expertise in commercial disputes, including claims in contract, tort, and statutory rights and obligations. Whether your legal dispute is straightforward or complex, it is always important we gather all the necessary facts, understand your objectives and apply careful analytical skills to achieve the best outcome for you. McVeagh Fleming will provide honest and realistic advice to achieve an efficient resolution.

Commercial Contract Disputes

Business transactions require a proactive approach. At McVeagh Fleming, we provide cost-effective, timely strategies to protect your contractual or legal rights. With extensive experience across all industries, our specialists will work closely with you to plan and implement the most appropriate legal strategy to meet your objectives. Committed to reducing risk, McVeagh Fleming specialises in negotiation, mediation and arbitration. However, if litigation is required, the firm is fully equipped to represent you in any court or tribunal.

Recent Insights

April 2024

Beyond Paper: the Power of Implied Agreements

In business, contracts are the backbone of agreements, ensuring clarity and accountability. But what happens when a contract isn't written down? The case of Kingsbeer Transport Ltd v Martin Brower New Zealand sheds light on this question, revealing important insights for business owners.
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April 2024

Holding Overseas Manufacturers Accountable

This article explores a legal case heard by the New Zealand Court of Appeal, specifically regarding a dispute involving the supply of a building cladding product. The case involved two building owners who initiated legal proceedings against the German-based manufacturer and New Zealand-based distributors. The building owners alleged that the product was faulty and posed risks to their buildings, leading to potential loss and expense.
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March 2024

Construction contract disputes

This article provides a practical example of the complexities involved in construction-related legal matters, such as payment disputes, contract interpretation, and the importance of adhering to legal requirements in construction contracts.
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