Intellectual property is an exceedingly valuable commodity. Assert and claim ownership of your intellectual property. Protect your brand names and associations, marks and logos – they are crucial to growth and business goodwill. Talk to McVeagh Fleming about how to guard your commercial advantages and operations and prevent unauthorised use of that information.

Protecting Confidential Information

We offer comprehensive advice on registering and protecting intellectual property and its commercial exploitation, including licensing. With years of experience appearing for clients on intellectual property disputes, litigation and matters before courts and tribunals, the McVeagh Fleming team can represent and advise you on every aspect.

Talk to us on how best to protect and maximise your intellectual property rights, including advice on:

  • Trade marks and trade mark registration advice
  • Licensing and contracts
  • Domain name disputes
  • Franchising agreements
  • Copyright
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Trade secrets
  • Infringement litigation.

Recent Insights

December 2021

Capture and Commercialise - Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property is an asset that has the potential to be more valuable to your business than tangible business assets and should be protected as much as possible. A famous trade mark or a market leading patent may be of far greater value to a company than its physical assets.
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April 2019

If Technology is Your Business, Protect It

Many modern businesses consist primarily of technology in the form of intellectual property. Although they may own physical assets and employ staff (though they are more likely to be engaged as contractors) the real value in the business sits almost wholly in the intellectual property developed.
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