When it comes to land and property disputes there is more than just a property at stake – there's a commercial and personal investment involved, relationships and future opportunities to consider.

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January 2024

Will woes and family drama: will drafting, executor responsibilities, and balancing family relationships

In the intricate landscape of estate planning and the execution of wills, the selection of legally appointed executors and trustees is critical. We explore an example case, which is a real eye-opener on the wild ride of wills, family dynamics, and the not-so-simple task of divvying up the goods.
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November 2023

Buyer Beware: The Limitations of Agent-Provided LIMs

Obtaining a LIM is a crucial step for prospective property buyers, but with the cost of a LIM being around $400 and with many real estate agents offering LIMs at no cost, it can be tempting to rely on their convenient provision. However, it's crucial to be aware of the potential limitations that may come with an agent-provided LIM.
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October 2023

Family Business & Succession Wars!

Succession, once a straightforward process, is now akin to navigating a minefield. With children seeking to cash in on their beneficial interests or shareholdings to fuel their own ventures, the need for careful consideration and expert advice has never been greater.
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