Resolving civil disputes through mediation or litigation – civil disputes are a fact of life. Expensive, ongoing legal battles are not. The McVeagh Fleming team is qualified and motivated to bring a speedy resolution to your civil disputes through mediation and, if necessary, litigation.

Civil Disputes

Civil disputes often require expert advice in a specialised legal area, and sound knowledge of civil court procedures. McVeagh Fleming’s litigation team understand the procedural aspects of the legal system to ensure that it is used to produce the best available outcome for our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Mediation and Arbitration

McVeagh Fleming is aware that pursuing litigation can be expensive and stressful for all parties concerned. Therefore, where mediation or arbitration can be followed to provide speedy and efficient settlement, we will pursue (and encourage other parties to pursue) a solution that enables the parties to sit down together and attempt to reach an acceptable solution.

Recent Insights

April 2024

Holding Overseas Manufacturers Accountable

This article explores a legal case heard by the New Zealand Court of Appeal, specifically regarding a dispute involving the supply of a building cladding product. The case involved two building owners who initiated legal proceedings against the German-based manufacturer and New Zealand-based distributors. The building owners alleged that the product was faulty and posed risks to their buildings, leading to potential loss and expense.
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March 2024

Construction contract disputes

This article provides a practical example of the complexities involved in construction-related legal matters, such as payment disputes, contract interpretation, and the importance of adhering to legal requirements in construction contracts.
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March 2024

Selling a business (pet treats) and the consequences of misrepresentation

Selling a business requires owners and agents to highlight the appealing aspects of the business to attract potential buyers. Emphasising the positives is important, but when information veers into misleading territory, it can lead to significant issues.
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