When selling, purchasing or constructing a property, issues will arise requiring legal advice. McVeagh Fleming offers substantial expertise acting for either the purchaser or vendor of a property where a sale and purchase agreement has given rise to a legal dispute.

The firm has considerable involvement in the broad area of Construction and Building Law (involving Construction Contracts Act 2002 issues, Building Act rights and obligations, building contracts, payment claims, payment schedules, contractual issues and leaky buildings).

Whether you are the builder, architect, homeowner or any other party involved in an issue involving construction or the sale and purchase of a property, we invite you to contact our team.

Recent Insights

March 2024

Construction contract disputes

This article provides a practical example of the complexities involved in construction-related legal matters, such as payment disputes, contract interpretation, and the importance of adhering to legal requirements in construction contracts.
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January 2024

Will woes and family drama: will drafting, executor responsibilities, and balancing family relationships

In the intricate landscape of estate planning and the execution of wills, the selection of legally appointed executors and trustees is critical. We explore an example case, which is a real eye-opener on the wild ride of wills, family dynamics, and the not-so-simple task of divvying up the goods.
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December 2023

Is your property adequately insured?

This article discusses the importance of property owners in New Zealand reviewing their insurance coverage, especially in the aftermath of widespread damage caused by weather events in 2023. The focus of this article is on the often-overlooked aspects of insurance related to land and potential complications arising from natural hazards.
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