Is a "driving under the influence" charge threatening your ability to earn a living? Have you been accused of a cr­­­iminal offence like fraud, assault, threatening behaviour, drug-related crimes, or other severe or minor criminal offence? McVeagh Fleming can help.

Criminal justice representation

McVeagh Fleming provides legal advice and representation to clients prosecuted in the criminal court, including traffic offences, family violence, applications for limited licences, applications for discharge without conviction, and other criminal or summary offences.

Our criminal and traffic law experts place a great deal of importance on clients’ needs. Accordingly, we endeavour to provide sensible and realistic advice regarding the various options available to you, whether defending a charge at trial or pleading guilty and working to achieve the best possible sentencing outcome.

Recent Insights

June 2019

Changes to Protection Orders From 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, changes are being made to all Protection Orders, including those made before this date. The Family Violence Act 2018 repeals and replaces the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and modifies the Care of Children Act 2004 as part of ongoing efforts to tackle domestic violence issues in New Zealand with the aim of providing faster, more effective protection for protected persons and increasing accountability and compliance by respondents.
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