The Incorporated Societies Act 2022 ("the 2022 Act") has brought about significant changes for incorporated societies in New Zealand.

New obligations

The 2022 Act introduces new obligations that must be adhered to by all existing and newly incorporated societies.

Non-compliance with the 2022 Act will pose inherent risks to a society including penalties and financial implications but most importantly, society's exposure to a position where it may be removed from the Registrar.

Guidance and advice

Whether you need help identifying key changes, reviewing your society's rules, drafting a new constitution, advice on re-registration, or organisational structure, we offer guidance to ensure compliance with the 2022 Act.

Areas of Expertise

We understand that each society has unique needs and objectives, and we have been at the forefront of monitoring the developments surrounding the Act, enabling us to provide proactive and forward-thinking solutions tailored to each society's needs.

Our approach involves working closely with you to provide personalised solutions that align with your organisation's goals, values, and operational considerations.

Talk to our team of legal experts, Ben Longbottom, Helen Lee, and Rachel Xie today. 

Recent Insights

November 2023

Incorporated societies: Key changes and compliance

With approximately 24,000 incorporated societies in New Zealand, ranging from substantial business-like entities to modest sporting clubs, the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 ("New Act") influence is far-reaching. Regardless of size, all incorporated societies will be affected, so it is crucial to understand and prepare for the implications of the New Act to avoid potential consequences for non-compliance.
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September 2022

Changes to the Incorporated Societies Regime - it's time to review your constitution

The new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 ("Act") received Royal Assent on 5 April 2022, in replacement of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 ("old Act") and is coming into force in stages. The Act significantly changes governance and accountability obligations for incorporated societies. Re-registration under the new Act is required for all existing incorporated societies to continue to exist.
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