Taking the hassle out of buying and selling property. Buying or selling property is an exciting time, full of promise and potential and risk – risk that you are viewing it through rose tinted glasses. McVeagh Fleming can help you gain clear insight on your property transaction.

Residential property transactions

Buying a home or selling a residential property can be an overwhelming experience, a rollercoaster of highs and lows; it’s easy to get lost in the forest of paperwork, financial arrangements, rules and regulations that govern the process. The team at McVeagh Fleming have vast experience, and the insights that come with that experience, in the legal transfer of ownership from one party to another.

A McVeagh Fleming solicitor should be your first stop on the residential property journey that involves a lot more than just shuffling paperwork. Whether you are building, buying off-plan, purchasing an existing freehold property or one with certain caveats, you want to make the process as safe, easy and risk free as possible for yourself.

Documents you will need include the Sellers Property Information form, Fixtures, Fittings and Contents form, Certificate of Title, Land Information Memorandum, Plan, your property inspection report and the Mortgage Deed and transfer for signing. Talk to us about how we can help set you up for success.

Services include:

  • Checking land titles and conducting searches for the property
  • Liaising with the buyer’s/seller’s solicitor to complete the transaction
  • Representing your interests to the other party
  • Advising you on special conditions, cross leases, freehold, leasehold and unit title matters
  • Processing key documents
  • Checking financial statements, tax returns and land registry.

Recent Insights

February 2023

Purchaser Failure to Settle on a Property Purchase: Rights and Remedies

The recent fall in property values across New Zealand has led to numerous purchasers being unable to obtain finance and complete settlement. This leaves both vendor and purchaser in an awful position, with lawyers scrambling to minimise the losses suffered on each side.
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October 2022

ADLS/REINZ Sale and Purchase Agreement: Claim for Compensation

If the purchaser discovers a defect with the property or breach of the sale and purchase agreement by the vendor just days before settlement is due, what can the purchaser and vendor do in that situation? Can the vendor force settlement? Should the purchaser be allowed to claim a reduction in the purchase price? The claim for compensation provisions were designed to achieve both objectives, requiring settlement to occur subject to some adjustment of the purchase price payable on settlement.
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September 2021

Are You Sure You Want To Give That Warranty?

When you are selling a property it is common to list the 'Chattels' which you are to be selling with the building. Chattels are items which are able to be removed from a property without too much effort, and which were never intended to permanently form part of the structure. Common examples are an oven, paintings or a fridge. Occasionally they can be large eg a spa pool or garden shed. If it can fit on a truck, it may well be a chattel.
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