Disruptive Innovation

Overcoming the roadblocks – if you are about new business models, applications, processes, and products or new ways of delivering those products, for example FinTech, talk to McVeagh Fleming about how we can help you prepare and navigate the roadblocks.

Pioneering new products and services – think Uber, Airbnb, Lime, blockchains – creates political, legal and social change and the inevitable struggle between those driving change and those resisting it.

Challenging the status quo and innovating new market offerings not only disrupts customers and competitors, it also offers a challenge to regulatory bodies, politicians and other interests. For example, e-scooters challenged city council authorities and even invited legal action from pro-walking advocates. Expert legal advice will enable you to plan for the worst and position yourself to achieve the best possible outcomes for your organisation’s new venture.

Recent Insights

October 2021

Creating a FinTech Business? Here Are Some Issues to Look Out For

Technological innovation in the financial services sphere has enabled financial institutions to adopt and use Financial Technology ("FinTech") to improve or allow for more effective or efficient provision of financial services. FinTech often involves innovation - new business models, applications, processes, and products or new ways of delivering those products. It includes computer programs, apps and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. FinTech businesses cater for a wide range of consumer needs; including online banking, obtaining financial advice, personalised investment portfolios, cash transfers, and share trading platforms. Successful FinTech businesses such as PayPal and AfterPay have become household names.
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