From mobile coverage agreements and negotiations with Councils and Trust Boards to tenure acquisition for mobile networks, Telecommunications Law is a vast and complex area that needs both the expertise and experience that McVeagh Fleming brings to this area.

Telecommunications Lawyers

McVeagh Fleming has a track record of assisting telecommunications companies with advice on agreements in relation to major event mobile coverage, including working with various stakeholders like Councils, Trust Boards and Sports Foundations.

McVeagh Fleming has worked as the lead provider to corporate telecommunications companies on issues such as tenure acquisition for mobile networks including leases, licences, easements and purchase.

Frequently, the various types of acquisitions require dealing with a myriad of property owners of various types—throughout New Zealand—including extensive complicated negotiations relating to disputed tenure and interpretation of existing rights and the ability to modify facilities pursuant to relevant contracts within statutory parameters.

Advising telecommunications clients regarding:

  • Telecommunications transactions, mergers, acquisitions
  • Industry regulatory compliance
  • Spectrum access and use
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Employment
  • Commercial contracts
  • Outsourcing
  • Property
  • Litigation
  • Network sharing
  • Tax
  • Intellectual property.

Both understanding and expertise is fundamental to successful outcomes in the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry as it affects all aspects of life and business. Talk to McVeagh Fleming about how we can advise you regarding your telecommunications commercial, regulatory, legal, technical and transactional needs.

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