Located in three convenient Auckland offices – central city, North Harbour and Manukau – you can find us using the maps below, or call us to organise a consultation. If you prefer, you can email us with an enquiry on any legal matter. Just fill out the form below, and we'll contact you directly. Also, if you’d like to receive the latest legal news and information please sign up to our newsletter.

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Our Offices

Auckland office

Level 9  HSBC Tower
188 Quay Street, PO Box 4099
Auckland 1140, DX CP21506


Level 1, South Tower
McVeagh Fleming Building
5-7 Corinthian Drive, PO Box 300 844
Albany 0752, DX BX10647


Level 3, van den Brink House
652 Great South Road, PO Box 76016
Manukau City, Auckland 2241

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