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November 2023

The importance of Prenuptial Agreements has increased

Protecting assets has become an integral aspect of modern relationships, with the growing importance of prenuptial agreements for safeguarding individual interests. In June 2023, the New Zealand Supreme Court issued a significant ruling in the case of Sutton v Bell, which centered on Sections 44 and 26 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 ("PRA"). This decision marks a pivotal shift in the interpretation of key legal provisions governing property rights in relationships.
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October 2023

Family Business & Succession Wars!

Succession, once a straightforward process, is now akin to navigating a minefield. With children seeking to cash in on their beneficial interests or shareholdings to fuel their own ventures, the need for careful consideration and expert advice has never been greater.
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August 2023

Separation - What's in a date?

When was it over? When to call it quits? When did you say goodbye? Am I separated? What's in a date? In the midst of a relationship breakdown, when you and your former partner are separated is not often a front-of-mind question. However, your separation date can be important information in family law proceedings.
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