Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t a story in the media about conflict between neighbours, neighbourhoods, activists, developers and legislators – all vying to ensure their rights, responsibilities and obligations are being met; particularly in times when sustainability and environmental issues are at the fore both locally and globally.

How Kiwis interact with the our natural environment, including coastal areas, land and sea, trees and native flora and fauna is governed by the Resource Management Act 1991. McVeagh Fleming offers practical, pragmatic resource management and environmental advice for homeowners and landowners around the Act, resource management – with both councils and central government – as well as activist and protestor activity.

  • Resource consents
  • Neighbour issues
  • Urban vegetation
  • Coastal conservation
  • Forestry
  • Native trees
  • Local body decisions.

Recent Insights

May 2017

House and Land Package Purchase Issues

Buying a new build "House and Land" package has become a popular option for many first home buyers. It can involve a deposit lower than 20% of purchase price (depending on finance), and means you have the time it takes to build to keep saving towards the purchase of your new home.
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Navigating land subdivision: Early legal expertise to avoid unwanted stress, complexity, and cost

In the realm of subdivisions, early legal consultation can be a game-changer. This article delves into the critical importance of involving a lawyer from the get-go.
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