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The public is more informed of their rights and this area of law is constantly evolving around the right to privacy and related issues. The new Privacy Act 2020 has significantly increased the protections to personal information in the digital age. Businesses and organisations have strict obligations when it comes to protecting the privacy and data of employees, customers/clients and other stakeholders.

One significant change is an organisation’s obligations around mandatory breach notifications. Failure to comply may result in stiff penalties.

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March 2024

Legislative gap leaves New Zealand exposed to deepfakes

Legislative gap leaves New Zealand exposed to deepfakes. The march of technology means almost anyone can create deepfakes, often in a matter of minutes.
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December 2021

The Privacy Act 2020 - Privacy Principle One

The Privacy Act 2020 ("new Act") came into force in 2020, replacing the Privacy Act 1993. The purpose of the new Act was to overhaul New Zealand's existing privacy of personal information regulatory framework and bring it into line with internationally recognised privacy obligations and standards. Section 22 of the new Act sets out 13 information privacy principles ("Privacy Principles"). In this article, we focus on new developments in relation to Privacy Principle 1 ("PP1"), which addresses the purpose of collection of personal information.
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June 2020

Navigating New Zealand's New Privacy Arena

In a world that is placing an increasing reliance on technology and value in data, it is hardly surprising that New Zealand's outdated Privacy Act 1993 ("Act") is scheduled to be replaced on 1 December 2020 in its entirety by the Privacy Bill ("Bill") which is currently making its way through the final stages of Parliament.
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