Commercial Property & Bodies Corporate

Unravelling the complexity of property and body corporate. The complexity of commercial property transactions – particularly in COVID-19 disrupted times – makes due diligence and getting your contracts, leases and paperwork right the first time, critically important if you want to avoid losses and make both short and long-term gains.

Commercial Leases

McVeagh Fleming has extensive experience advising on all aspects of commercial leases, including drafting agreements to lease and deeds of lease, rent reviews and renewals of lease, assignments and subleases. We are experienced in advising developers, property investors, landlords and tenants at all market levels.

Commercial Property

You will find that McVeagh Fleming has a strong track record in commercial property law, which is a cornerstone of the firm. Our team of property law experts provide strategic advice across all aspects of commercial property law and property development:

  • Rent disputes
  • Land and property disputes
  • Property development
  • Sale and purchase of commercial and industrial land
  • Urban regeneration
  • Leases, lease rent reviews and renewals
  • Design build lease transactions
  • Office, retail and industrial leasing
  • Ground leasing
  • Construction and building contracts
  • Land development and subdivisions
  • Tenders
  • Commercial property finance
  • Local Government and Public Works
  • Unit title.

Clients include corporates, property developers, investors, financiers, landlords, tenants, and builders.

Body Corporate rules and the Unit Titles Act

There have been substantial changes to Body Corporate rules and the Unit Titles Act, demanding strong governance and financial management. Expert legal advice is advisable to make sure you’re not in breach. The new rules around setting up body corporates and relating to developers are complex. The right advice at the start will save you time and money.

Whether you are a developer, a body corporate, a purchaser or a vendor, McVeagh Fleming can advise you on:

  • Body Corporate rules
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Financial management
  • Buying and selling
  • Dispute resolution.

Recent Insights

October 2021

Proposed Changes to the Property Law Act 2007 - Mandatory Rent Reduction For All Commercial Leases During Lockdown

The Government has moved very fast to make significant changes to the law around commercial leases. The proposed changes would allow all commercial tenants, including business owners of all sizes, whether or not they have suffered material financial losses, a rent reduction for the period of 'no access' to their premises as a result of the current Covid-19 lockdown.
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September 2021

Are You Sure You Want To Give That Warranty?

When you are selling a property it is common to list the 'Chattels' which you are to be selling with the building. Chattels are items which are able to be removed from a property without too much effort, and which were never intended to permanently form part of the structure. Common examples are an oven, paintings or a fridge. Occasionally they can be large eg a spa pool or garden shed. If it can fit on a truck, it may well be a chattel.
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September 2020

High Court Finds Level 4 'Lockdown' Unlawful for First Nine Days, Considers Lawfulness of Non-Essential Business Closures

The High Court has found that the Government's announcement of an Alert Level 4 'Lockdown' for four weeks from 26 March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic was unlawful and potentially unenforceable for the first nine days (Borrowdale v Director-General of Health [2020] NZHC 2090). The Court also reviewed the closure of all non-essential businesses, which is significant for business owners hoping to file civil liability claims for lost revenue during this period.
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