Make smooth sailing of your maritime law needs. McVeagh Fleming has experience in all aspects of the commercial side of maritime law.

As a full-service law firm, we can draw on the collective knowledge and expertise of all of our practice areas – from Commercial and Employment to Litigation – to find a solution that works for you. If the situation demands we make use of specialist barristers and, through our membership of Ally Law, we have access to over 61 member law firms worldwide.

Marine activities have always been an inherently risky affair, and despite best intentions and planning, things can and often do go wrong. Maritime ventures are governed by a frequently frustratingly complex matrix of common law, precedent, legislation, rules, bylaws and International Conventions. Having a seasoned, safe pair of hands in your corner can prove invaluable.

The team at McVeagh Fleming understands that a flexible, realistic approach will usually yield far greater dividends than an overly pedantic, legalistic stance in many commercial transactions.

At McVeagh Fleming, we will not treat you like a number but will listen, take the time to understand your requirements and provide you with pragmatic, practical advice with as little jargon as possible. We want to be your first and only port of call for maritime matters. Give us a call and come aboard.

Areas of expertise

  • Vessel sale and purchase
  • Vessel ownership structures and vehicles (on and off-shore)
  • Ship registration (Domestic and Open-Registry)
  • Chartering arrangements (i.e., Demise (Bareboat), Time and Voyage)
  • New build construction and vessel refit agreements
  • Vessel and crew management agreementsShip financing and mortgages
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Compliant Seafarer Employment
  • Agreements (SEA)
  • Advising on compliance-related matters (Domestic and Convention)
  • Admiralty matters
  • Dispute resolution (Formal and Informal).

Recent Insights

May 2024

Boat purchase 101 - Sale and Purchase Agreements

Well-drafted agreements for vessel sales are important, especially for larger, technical vessels. While smaller vessel buyers may see these as unnecessary, written contracts simplify legal disputes. Agreements range from basic contracts to detailed forms like the Norwegian Saleform and should clearly outline terms, transaction processes, and dispute procedures, with common provisions as a standard foundation.
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February 2024

Boat purchase 101 - Technical due diligence

The importance of due diligence cannot be overstated; a little bit of time and money spent prior to purchasing a boat should (but not always) save a lot of time, frustration, and money if the boat turns out to be other than advertised. Also, it occasionally uncovers issues that even the owner was unaware of.
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March 2018

Boat Purchase 101 - Legal Due Diligence

In the third article in this series we focus briefly on the second limb of due diligence that should be considered when purchasing a vessel namely, legal due diligence.
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