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Whether you require assistance with a personal or business matter, we can provide you with exceptional guidance and representation. McVeagh Fleming is a full-service law firm with a 100-year history delivering legal services in Auckland, with three offices, in the Auckland CBD, Albany and Manukau.

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July 2024

Relocation Disputes

Considering relocating with your child to a different city or country? It's essential to understand that such a move requires the consent of the other parent. The decision about where a child lives is a significant guardianship matter, and both parents must agree on it.
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July 2024

Young onset dementia: how to get help and what needs to be in place

Fiona shares her deeply personal journey of caring for her mother, diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia at age 53. At just 29, Fiona navigated the challenges of supporting four generations under one roof, balancing the demands of new motherhood with caregiving responsibilities. She reflects on the emotional and financial strains, the importance of a support network, and the late diagnosis that left many questions unanswered. Fiona's story highlights the enduring power of maternal love and the resilience needed to face such profound life changes.
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June 2024

Remember to keep your employees in the loop when selling your business

Selling a business involves balancing confidentiality and transparency with employees, especially under New Zealand employment law. When selling assets, employers must consult with employees before finalising the sale to avoid grievances if jobs are affected.
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May 2024

Children who Resist, Refuse or Reject a relationship with their Parent

Separating from your spouse or partner is often stressful, complicated, and painful especially when children are involved. Reaching an agreement about how a child's care will be shared can be challenging and deepen conflict between parents if they do not see eye to eye.
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Important announcements

New Board Appointment – Tracie Waterhouse

Tracie Waterhouse has joined the Board of McVeagh Fleming. Since becoming an Equity Partner in May 2021, she has played a key role in our decision-making process. Her strategic thinking and results-oriented focus will be invaluable in her new governance role. Please take a moment to congratulate Tracie and wish her well in her new role. It’s extra responsibility on top of her already busy workload, and we are confident she will rise to the challenge.


Supreme Court Win

In a notable legal case, Peter Fuscic of McVeagh Fleming, along with with Andrew Butler KC, represented Mohan Daya in a matter before the Supreme Court of New Zealand. The outcome of this case is a commendable result from McVeagh Fleming -  achieving a favourable result for this client in complex legal matters before the highest court in New Zealand.


Top Results in 2024 Family & Relationship Property Law Rankings

McVeagh Fleming has received Top Results in the 'Family & Relationship Property Law Doyle's Guide 2024 Rankings' released today. McVeagh Fleming not only ranked highly as a firm, but Alissa Bell, our partner and chair, rightfully earned a place in the prestigious 'preeminent' category. In addition, Anna Carbon was given personal recognition in the ‘Family & Relationship Property Law Rising Star’ category.


Latest internal promotions

We are delighted to share some exciting news with you all! Please join us in congratulating Ernie Ford and Rachel Xie on their well-deserved promotions to Senior Solicitors.

Ernie Ford has been promoted to Senior Solicitor for Commercial Property in Manukau, while Rachel Xie has been promoted to Senior Solicitor for Commercial Property in Albany.

🎉 Congratulations, Ernie and Rachel!