Money Claims

Brougham v Regan - The Requirements for a Valid Contract of Guarantee

On 30 October 2020 the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment in the context of contracts of guarantee in the case of Brougham v Regan [2020] NZSC 118. A summary of the key facts of the matter and important points in the Court's decision follow.
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Obtaining an Enforceable Guarantee

There are many circumstances where businesses might give credit – even without formally doing so. Providing goods or performing services in advance of full payment is extremely common, but if a company or sole trader you are dealing with has financial problems or a poor credit history, then you may not get paid.
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Important Update in Respect of PPSR Registration

The Personal Property Securities Amendment Regulations 2018 will come into force on 1 October 2018 and make a number of technical amendments to the Personal property Securities Regulations 2001.
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Unpaid Invoices - Want to Understand Your Options

At one time or another, all businesses confront the unpleasant task of collecting outstanding fees for the services or products they have provided. When a client refuses to pay an outstanding invoice, recovering the money due may turn into a drawn-out process, even when the amount owed appears un-contentious. Engaging a solicitor to assist with the debt recovery process has the benefit of both impressing on the debtor your commitment to pursuing the debt and simplifying an otherwise frustrating process.
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What is a Statutory Demand and When Should I Use It?

What do you do when you are chasing a company for a debt and despite your requests, pleas, calls and curses, the company is failing or refusing to pay? The statutory demand process may be suitable in such circumstances.
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Evicting a Commercial Tenant - Know Your Rights

The Property Law Act 2007 ("PLA") codifies – very strictly – the process and means by which a commercial tenant may be evicted for non-payment of rentor some other breach of its lease obligations. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant,it is critical you understand your rights and obligationsin an eviction scenario.
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