Relationship Property

New Zealand is in Lockdown… But I want to leave? Separation During Lockdown

If you had intended to separate from your spouse before the lockdown, or if you are one of the anticipated many, whilst confined with your other half have realised you do want to separate. The current Covid-19 lockdown might have you thinking separation is not an option available to you for the foreseeable future, but that is not the case.
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Getting on Top of Your Legal Affairs – What you Could do During the Lockdown Period

During this unprecedented and unsettling time, there is an opportunity here to take advantage of the phone calls and emails slowing down (for some) and use your time to address those things you have been putting off – a bit like that painting job most people have been meaning to get to.
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Is Self-Isolation Pushing you Together or Pulling you Apart?

Feeling stressed or anxious about how Covid-19 (coronavirus) and New Zealand entering alert level 4 with nationwide lockdowns will affect you and your family members? Times of crisis can result in a push-and-pull effect with our personal relationships. They bring people together – only those in your household! - but difficult times can also lead to difficulties arising in our relationships with our, quite literally, nearest and dearest.
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'Insuring' Your Relationship Property

Section 21 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 ("the Act") allows for parties to essentially 'contract out' of the Act and determine how the relationship property would be divided on the off-chance that you and your partner separate.
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When is Your House the "Family Home"? / Will my House be Split 50/50?

A special status is given to the "family home" in relationship property disputes under the relevant legislation, the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 ("the Act").
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