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Issues for Employees During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Issues for Employees During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Written by:
James Turner

The Covid-19 level 4 alert lockdown is having a significant impact on the way people work during this time.  Whilst the Government is providing assistance to businesses such as the wage subsidy to pad the landing for employers, there are numerous challenges facing employees in the coming weeks.

In industries deemed 'essential' during these times, many employees are working flat out whilst experiencing diminished health and safety standards at work.  In other industries, many employees are experiencing employment consequences resulting from a significant slowdown in their workflow.  

During times of considerable change, it is more important than ever for employers and employees to negotiate in good faith when discussing the impact the lockdown poses on work in the coming weeks and months and what changes are proposed to the existing employment arrangement.

As an employee, you should consider seeking legal advice if you are in discussions with your employer:

(a)     about being forced to use your annual leave and/or sick leave;

(b)     about terminating your employment by way of redundancy;

(c)     about how much you are getting paid, especially in the context of your employer applying for the wage subsidy;

(d)     about health and safety protocol, especially if you operate in an industry where work during the Covid-19 shutdown
          is considered an essential service; or

(e)     about any change in your terms and conditions of employment that you consider unfair in the first instance.

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