Family Law

Is There Such a Thing as a Conflict Free Separation?

A separation doesn't have to be fraught with conflict, including when Lawyers are involved. If you have recently separated and need some assistance with resolving a dispute involving property and/or children you may want to consider doing so under the framework of Collaborative Advocacy.
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Is Your Overseas 'Pre-Nup' Valid in New Zealand?

If you or someone you know has signed a Prenuptial Agreement, Premarital Agreement, Antenuptial Contract or Contracting Out Agreement in a country outside of New Zealand, then you/ they should find out if and how that Agreement applies in New Zealand. Irrespective of where these types of documents are signed, they generally have a similar purpose; that being to determine the status, ownership and value of assets at the start and end of a couple's relationship. But, are they valid when you have moved away from the country of signing?
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Changes to Protection Orders From 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, changes are being made to all Protection Orders, including those made before this date. The Family Violence Act 2018 repeals and replaces the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and modifies the Care of Children Act 2004 as part of ongoing efforts to tackle domestic violence issues in New Zealand with the aim of providing faster, more effective protection for protected persons and increasing accountability and compliance by respondents.
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Applying for a Protection Order

When you apply for a Protection Order you are applying to be protected from violence and harm caused by another person to you. To qualify you must be or have been in a domestic relationship with the violent person ("the respondent"): ie have been in a close and personal relationship, are the parents of, related to through blood or marriage, etc.
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More Than a Stork Drop - Adopting a Child in New Zealand

If you, or someone you know, are hoping to adopt a bundle of joy into the family, there is, of course, more to the process than a fly-by stork drop. The Adoption Act 1955 sets out each step to becoming an adopted child's legal guardian.
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Are You in a De Facto Relationship?

It is common knowledge that when a married couple in New Zealand gets divorced, they, general speaking, get half each of all the property owned by the parties. In New Zealand this asset division also extends to de facto relationships of more than three years, but what is a de facto relationship? A marriage is easy to identify: there is a wedding, someone cuts the cake, there is usually an adorable child in charge of the rings and most importantly, a legal document; a marriage certificate which says you are married. However, de facto relationships are not so easy to identify.
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