We provide specialist expertise and an ability to advise on ‘risk management’ in a particular legal area, together with a sound knowledge of civil court procedures. Our litigation team is experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution including negotiation and mediation, arbitration, and court action providing clients with cost-effective, timely and comprehensive advice and representation. We have conducted cases in the Court of Appeal, High Court, Employment Court, District Court, Family Court, Employment Relations Authority and in various Tribunals. An understanding of the procedural aspects of the court system ensures that a claim is progressed or resolved effectively and efficiently, with the best available outcome obtained for our clients wherever possible.

Commercial and Contract Disputes
Construction and Property Disputes
Consumer and Fair Trading Claims
Criminal and Traffic Offences
Dispute Resolution
Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Securities Enforcement
Intellectual Property Issues
Land and Property Disputes
Money Claims
Resource Management
Trust and Estate Litigation