Intellectual Property


Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is an exceedingly valuable commodity in the 21st century and asserting and appropriately claiming ownership in and protecting brand names and associations, marks and logos are increasingly important to growing and maintaining business goodwill. Where practicable, keeping your commercial advantages and operations confidential and secret – and having the means to prevent unauthorised use of that information is also highly desirable.

We can advise regarding:

  • Licensing
  • Trademark disputes and registration advice
  • Claims of passing off
  • Copyright
  • Patent applications and disputes

Protecting Confidential Information

Where your business has valuable intellectual property assets, we have corporate structuring and contract law specialists that can help you structure and protect your intellectual property holdings, licence and otherwise protect your intellectual property rights and otherwise protect your goodwill and confidential information. We provide advice on all related intellectual property matters, whether they arise through contract, copyright, trademarking, the common law (such as claims for “passing off”) or legislation (such as the Fair Trading Act 1983), we can assist you.