Company Incorporations and Structures


Business and Corporate Structures

When providing legal advice in other areas, the advice on the best corporate structure for a particular venture is often fundamental. Our firm has experts on company, partnership and trust law and we provide a full range of legal services in respect of companies, corporate trusts, limited partnerships, joint ventures and other bodies corporate. We can advise on matters from large corporate structures right down to how to properly govern a small company and comply with related law.

Corporate Governance

Our lawyers at McVeagh Fleming work closely with our clients to understand the individual needs and requirements of their businesses. We can advise on the multitude of rules and regulations that may affect your company and provide you with practical advice. Advice on corporate governance is equally as relevant to small companies as large public companies and our advice and services are tailored to your needs.

Incorporating Companies

We provide advice on and can draft associated constituting/governance issues and documentation, such as body corporate rules, shareholder agreements, corporate constitutions and similar. We provide related advice on the roles, duties and responsibilities of directors and good governance advice to principals of all kinds as well as well as how various stakeholders can hold or protect their interests in the most efficient and effective way. In short, we have all the legal support expertise you will need to set up, protect and properly run your organisation or business in a legally compliant manner.

We have many lawyers qualified in these areas who can assist you comply with relevant law, contract drafting experts who can ensure your contracts comply with these statutes, and experts that can help you with disputes and litigation on regulatory issues (including assisting deal with regulators and comply with regulatory requirements).