Contract Law


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Issues with Contracts For Auckland Businesses

Contract law is an integral part of many of the core legal services we provide to our clients and we provide a full range of review, advice, negotiation and drafting services on all manner of commercial contract including having a number of contract specialists working for our firm. We can assist you with all aspects of contract law, including (but not limited to) all manner of joint venture agreements, procurement, agency, distribution and supply contracts, shareholder agreements, service contracts, licences, sale and purchase agreements of all kinds, construction and building contracts, management agreements, terms of trade, web terms, confidentiality agreements, restraints of trade, private contracts of service (as opposed to employment agreements) and terms of trade.

Finance Contracts, Construction Contract Lawyers

We provide contract law support to a large range of clients conducting business in specialised industries such as finance or IT, and have clients that are engaged in the computer storage and telecommunications industries, software developers and IT support service providers, navigational systems providers/developers, IT service providers and support service providers, software developers, IT support professional services right through to private companies engaged in the film and music industry. We appreciate that to draft or advise on contracts in many areas, we not only need to understand the law that applies to your industry and your particular contract, but we need to understand how your business operates so our contract advice is practical and matches your real world requirements.

Whether you are entering into a new contract, or need us to draft contracts that meet your needs, help you negotiate your contracts, advise on them, assist you with termination or disputes, we have experts that can provide you with the legal support you require.