Commercial and Consumer Law


Consumer and Commercial Lawyers

There are a large number of statutes and other regulatory provisions, codes and compliance rules that regulate commerce in New Zealand, whether generally or in special cases.

The Commerce Act 1986, the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Contractual Remedies Act 1993, Contractual Mistakes Act 1977, Fair Trading Act 1983, Financial Advisers Act 1993, Sale of Goods Act 1908 and Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 are only a few of the many statutory examples that our clients need to be aware of, navigate and deal with and will need advice on. There are many other statutes, codes, regulations and rules that govern or regulate commerce in New Zealand  and there is also significant common law and rules of equity that will apply to impact on many issues that arise in commerce.

We can help you identify, comply with this law, and enforce your rights under or otherwise deal with the many commercial legal issues or commercial problems that you are likely to encounter, whether as a business or a consumer and whether avoiding the negative implications of these many rules and regulations, or taking full advantage of legal protections available to you.

We have many lawyers qualified in these areas who can assist you comply with relevant law, contract drafting experts who can ensure your contracts comply with these statutes, and experts that can help you with disputes and litigation on regulatory issues (including assisting deal with regulators and comply with regulatory requirements).