Our People


Many of our partners have been with the firm for a number of years, some their whole careers. Highly skilled and well regarded in their fields, our partners are known for their professionalism and their pragmatic, personable approach. Overseeing our firm’s talented legal experts, our partners have the experience to always ensure the best people are working with you to achieve your goals.


Key Staff

Our firm comprises a dedicated team of key staff including senior and staff solicitors, personal assistants, legal executives and accounts personnel. Like any long-standing, successful business, we rely on the energy and talent of our key staff to deliver our exceptional service and outstanding results.             

Alex Carroll

Anet Tarabova

Anna Carbon

Anna Norcross

Claire McCool

Deborah Jack

Denise Ryder

Dong-on Lee

Emaleigh Walker

Erica Burke

Fiona Jagiello

Forrester Grant

Garry Davidson

Geoff Baxter

Hamish Coupe

Harry Forsythe

Isabelle Russell

Jackie Dale

Kate Chivers

Kate Coughlan

Leo Huang

Louise McGregor

Paige Devereux

Paul Kim

Rebecca Davies

Richard Lyttelton

Robbie Harré

Robyn Barrar

Stacey Price

Steve Graham

Sue Addison

Tamela Foster