Dispute Resolution


Peter Fuscic | Partner | Auckland Office | Disputes Lawyer
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John Burley | Partner | Auckland Office | Disputes Lawyer
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Craig Andrews | Partner | Auckland Office | Disputes Lawyer
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James Turner | Partner | Albany Office | Disputes Lawyer
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Civil Disputes

Civil disputes often require expertise advice in both a specialised legal area and sound knowledge of civil court procedures. McVeagh Fleming ensures all members of its litigation team understand the procedural aspects of the legal system to ensure that it is used to produce the best available outcome for our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Mediation and Arbitration

McVeagh Fleming is aware that pursuing litigation can be expensive and stressful for all parties concerned. Therefore, where mediation or arbitration can be pursued in order to provide speedy and efficient settlement, we will pursue (and encourage other parties to pursue) a solution that enables the parties to sit down together and attempt to reach an acceptable solution.