Privacy and Data Protection


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Privacy and Data Protection

Businesses now operate in a time of constantly evolving computing power where vast amounts of data are created, collected, analysed, stored and even sold. Digital transformation is the driver of this evolution of personal data. Efficient use of customer data can increase your productivity and produce enhanced experiences for your clients.

Data is a crucial asset of your business and it is imperative that your obligations regarding data are managed and clearly understood. In recent times, we have witnessed large organisations committing data privacy breaches which can result in severe impacts to individuals and businesses as well as having serious legal repercussions. The collection of personal information is becoming more accessible, detailed and valued. As a result, privacy and data protection laws are increasingly complex.

Scope of Expertise

We advise companies of all sizes with expert guidance on the current legislation and upcoming reforms regardless of whether your business is a start-up or an established operator. We have experience across a broad spectrum of privacy issues including the collection, use, disclosure and retention of data to the practical application of the Privacy Act 1993 and other related legislation as well as advising on common pitfalls and managing disputes.

We Can Assist You With

  • GDPR compliance checks
  • Preparation of privacy policies, guidelines and terms of use
  • Responding to information access and regulatory requests
  • Advising on new applications and services involving personal information and data security risks
  • Advising on data breaches
  • Managing privacy disputes and litigation